A Pause.

Life’s just been a little too hectic as of late and the balance has been off – and so, blogging has fallen by the wayside.  Between work crunches, family visits, a cold, a hand surgery in the making, and starting solid food (!!), there’s been a lot going on and more than anything else, my brain has not been settled enough to finish a thought.  As I’ve written about before, writing is kind of like a canary for balance and sanity – when the short post can’t quite find its way onto the page, it means things have gotten out of whack and it’s time for a reset.

O on grass

Sometimes resets don’t come soon enough – but this weekend, we did a short venture into the country for a friend’s celebration.  Going into the weekend I didn’t envision it being the respite I knew I sorely needed.  It was a short trip that was not going to leave much room for normal weekend stuff nor real relaxation.  But it turns out even a little bit of country goes a long way and the change in scenery and break from routine, however hectic it was, let a lot in my brain settle and I woke up this Monday morning a little amped for a busy week ahead but a little more peaceful, too.

Here’s to resuming to some normalcy, finding moments of balance in unexpected places and a good week to come for all!


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