Interesting Things – Memorial Weekend edition!


This weekend is the unofficial start to summer and the first long weekend of the season – it’s also one of my favorite times of year to be in DC.  DC is a city of outsiders – that is, a high percent of the population (but by no means all) come from somewhere else.  So on holiday weekends like this one, people tend to go away – or go home, as it were.  And so for those of us that stay in town we have the run of the mill.  So we intend to spend the weekend with family visiting, setting up a grill, putting together O’s high chair (see: milestones!) and maybe some mattress shopping.  Oh, and exploring strawberry recipes.

As we kick off this luxurious long-weekend, here is what I find interesting on the internet:

I’ve recently shared why maternity leave was the greatest experience for me and my family – here is an honest and striking essay about what it means not to have paid leave.

By contrast, here is one man’s take on his paternity leave experience.

On not wanting kids (which should not require an explanation but seemingly does).

In the heart-wrenching category, one woman’s story of why a recent abortion ban passed by the U.S. House of Representatives would have a harmful impact on women and their families.

File under breastfeeding bad-ass-ness:

If you are planning to host a panel and will have only men on it, be warned.

Another item in the cloth vs disposable diaper decision matrix.

Fascinating study shows the time of day when most babies are born.

Closing out with some good news (nay, awesome news): Rebel Wilson is a fashion designer!

Have a good weekend all!


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