On Milestones.

The number one thing anyone tells you if you have a new baby is “it goes so fast.”  It’s like a broken record and it’s trite.  But damnit, it sure is true.

With Baby O at 5 months old, I keep moving the “write down O’s milestones” item to the top of my to do list.  The wife and I realize if we don’t stay on top of recording his developments, we will lose it forever.  And while the first time he slept on his stomach with his knees crunched under him and his butt in the air or the first time he kicked his legs in the bath water may not be the *most* important milestones to save for perpetuity, they are meaningful, exciting and special to us and are a way of savoring the journey.

So we are writing down milestones any way we can.  A very clever and seasoned mom friend (she was simply a good friend before I was a mom – now I add that additional title) gave us a calendar as a baby shower gift advising that being able to just jot down words on a calendar date was a whole lot easier than keeping a journal.  So true and that got us through the first couple months.

Now that we’re less stationary (as we were when O slept on us for 22 hours a day) we email each other updates whenever they cross our minds.  An email I received from the Wife the other day read “Subject: milestones” and the text was: “almost sitting on his own – May 10.”  I am dumping all these bits into a gmail folder for a future day when I will finally watch all of Breaking Bad while simultaneously formatting a google doc of baby milestones.  (Is that not your idea of a good time?  it is mine!)  We are also going through old texts with our parents who have been the eager recipients of much more detailed updates (O gurgled in a new tone of voice today!  He didn’t cry when we put him in the stroller today!)

But as we’ve been frantically trying to get our act together to make a record of the important stuff (and the rest of it too), I’ve been increasingly struck by the other milestones – the parenting milestones – and have started keeping track of those too.

Here are a few of my most proud and/or important milestones:

  • From pregnancy, the day I walked into a wall because I no longer knew the perimeter of my belly
  • The first time I slept through a night nursing.  (Like slept. through. completely.  As in, I woke up at 3 am amazed that O had made it that far into the night without needing to eat only to learn that he had woken up, he had been placed next to me, fed from me, and been burped and put back down – thanks Wife! – and I stayed asleep.  Nice.)  
  • The time when I was fully dressed for work in the one outfit that fit me and was also formal enough for my meetings that day and then O needed a big diaper change stat, which I did without getting any bodily fluids landing on my clothes.  huzzah!
  • The only time I pumped more than 10 oz in one sitting!  (And I havent come close to repeating since..)
  • Our first date night after O was born (and how we managed to not talk about him for the a full 50% of the time)
  • The first morning I left O with the nanny and didn’t feel a little panic inside as I walked out of the house

I’m very curious to hear from the internets, what are your parental milestones?


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