Finding bliss on a Saturday morning


It’s a lucky day when you stumble upon a little bliss — luckier still when you recognize it as it’s happening!  That happened for me this weekend.

We all stumbled out of the house fairly well rested (owing to an extra early wake-up followed soon thereafter by a morning nap for all of us) – the wife to her workout, O and I to hit up our Saturday routine of iced coffee and the farmer’s market.

Those who know me know that iced coffee season is like a religion for me.  In fact, I make the season last as long as is humanly possible: if I can drink it while wearing gloves without my fingers going numb – it’s iced coffee season!  If it’s a polar vortex outside but we’ll be driving somewhere and thus I can drink it while sitting in heated car – it’s iced coffee season!  But I’m especially happy when I can drink my iced coffee outside, without gloves or coats and enjoy sun on me to boot.

And I’m happiest when I can do it on a weekend morning and can sip and stroll, enjoying my coffee and neighborhood in equal measure.  In fact, anywhere in the world I’ve ever been – where ever I have lived – I’ve always sought out this ritual of strolling for coffee and relaxing while I sip it in the shop and around about it.  It’s not always been conscious – just true that that’s when I most enjoy myself, and most understand the place I’m visiting.

Saturday morning, O and I did just that.  And, with him being old enough to sit on my lap out of the stroller, we both sat there, next to the milk and sugar bar, watching people come, people fix up their coffee, and people stroll out.  He sucked his hands (his favorite thing these days) while I sipped my iced coffee.  And it was bliss.

Photo:  Iced coffee at Bake House in Washington, DC


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