Love for all the mamas

Here’s to all the mamas! And in that spirit – here is one essay that tops my list of Mother’s Day reading this weekend.  It comes from Adele Levine, one of my favorite writers:

“That I am a part-time stay-at-home parent of two preschool boys remains a surprise to me. I wrote off having a family in my early 20s when I realized being gay wasn’t a phase I would outgrow. But in my late 30s, my longtime girlfriend decided she wanted to have a baby, and she gave me a choice: I could either go along with it or move out of the house. It turns out you really can order just about anything over the Internet. A year later, we were rushing a hugely pregnant Ashley to the hospital.

At a red light on the way, I told Ashley my deepest fear: “I can’t imagine us with a baby.” It was true. I’ve done a lot of triathlons and swim races, and before every one I can imagine the finish. I always know, before I even start, how I will feel at the end. But at the starting line of the biggest race of my life, I simply could not project myself forward.

Yet 33 hours later, when they placed a swaddled Hanno into my arms for the first time, I swooned. He fell immediately asleep, trusting me because he didn’t know any better. Instantly he became the most fascinating person I had ever ­encountered.”

Read the rest here.  And happy Mother’s Day y’all!


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