Interesting Things – Mother’s Day edition!


This weekend we celebrate all the mamas.  As a two mom household, we get to celebrate each other.  We’re planning to carve out the day to spend just the three of us, make a special brunch and no doubt practice some sitting, standing and rolling with O.  

As we head into Mother’s Day weekend, here are a few interesting things – and actually a couple truly crazy things – to peruse over coffee and hopefully a slower morning wake-up:

Check out these beautiful e-cards for the mama in your life

Another entry into the work-life balance cannon — Reality-TV-star-cum-designer builds a nursery for her staff

Turning breast cancer scars into art

Urban farms now produce nearly ⅕ of the World’s food.

I hope for structural changes that improve income inequality – in the meantime, I sure will continue to tip well.

Maria Bello on being “whatever”

File under truly awesome – Adele as George Michael

If work-life balance is a generational thing, the future look bright.

…And a little bit of a whole lotta crazy.


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