Interesting Things – elimination of Rubella in the Americas edition!

To conclude my World Immunization Week posts, this week’s Interesting Things is dedicated to the elimination of Rubella in the Americas!  Reason #11 why I heart vaccines — because we can actually get rid of terrible diseases!

Check out the full story on the Rubella elimination here

In other news…

Phrases even the smartest among us screw up regularly.

I’ve been amazed/alarmed by how quickly Baby O recognized screens (before he even knew he had hands!) so the wife and I will be following several of these tips for limiting screen time with your family.

And this explains why limiting screen time is so essential – especially for toddlers’ brain and social development.

Now that I’m a mom, learning to overcome fears takes on new importance (for me and my baby).

Here’s to the bizarre and eccentric!  20 examples from great writers…

A work uniform?  Color me intrigued…

To file for future use: On why not to ever say “Kids’ food”

And lastly, a wrenching story on another case of a police shooting an unarmed man – it’s almost too painful to read (especially now as a mom), but too important not to.


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