Interesting Things – World Immunization Week edition

It’s sort of amazing that I have not spent time on this blog ranting about vaccines yet.  It’s a topic that has generated in me visceral anger and passion as well as intellectual bafflement and persistence — why life-saving, highly cost-effective tools could become seen as anything other than essential or the foundation of our privileged life-expectancy that they are.  Add to the fact that I have done a lot of work in global health and have seen directly the life and death benefits of immunizations – it’s enough to make a new mama go batty.  With that, I am going to devote real estate each day on this blog  to World Immunization Week.


With that – here is what was interesting on the internet this week:

The Onion should be the official spokesman of the anti-vaccine movement.

Love this tribute to all kind of births, including C-Section mamas.

I want to be  Amandla Stenberg when I grow up.  (This is the best explanation of cultural appropriation ever).

File these Bette Davis quotes under how to insult correctly.

On how stories change our brains.

Three cheers to this awesome company making maternity clothes for butch and genderqueer folks!

Just butt out of it… or why preschool shouldn’t be like school.

In defense of the fanny pack because big bags are ““having it all” in sartorial form.”


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