Pumping is not sexy (unless you’re a Kardashian).


It’s just not.  This is not a pithy, clever subject – just a statement of fact (from my experience).

This is why I’ve always been put off by the ad for the hands-free pumping bra that inexplicably implies the product has fashion value.  Or that one would be pumping in front of colleagues at work (see federal law requiring private pumping rooms; see what women do to carve out privacy for their pumping needs).

When I first used the pumping contraptions it seemed like a victorian era device designed to manage women’s “hysteria” – as the vibrator was invented to do.  I got over the bizarreness quickly but was reminded again when a close friend came to visit and thought it was the craziest thing she’d ever seen and wanted to ask every mother she knew if they’d heard of such a thing.  I tried to explain that in fact I was certain they not only had heard of it, they had probably all used it too.

Such is the strangeness of breastfeeding and pumping — so common yet so hidden.  Among the most natural things, yet until recently blocked by Instagram.

Enter Kourtney Kardashian.  She posted this gem of her pumping pre-partying in Vegas.  At first I thought this was the height of ridiculousness – like, she actually bought into the crazy ads for the hands-free pumping bra.

Now having thought more about it, I say: kudos to her.  She does make it rock – in the victorian-sex-toy-cum-cure-for-female-hysterics type way – and hey, why not embrace it.  Further, I appreciate the fact that pumping here is clearly all about enabling her to party in Vegas in a safe way that does not affect her breastmilk.  Health conscious and logistically sound — nothing to incite frowns.

I still maintain that pumping is not a sexy enterprise.  And that the Kardashians are generally, pretty ridiculous.  But, when I can get past the sheer inconvenience of the whole thing (pumping, that is), I do feel great about it now.  I feel proud about every ounce I produce.  And each morning, before heading to work, I tell my son that I will be home later (I will always come back to him), that I will miss him when I’m gone, and that I will make milk for him while away.  And that I can do this amazing thing for my kid – make enough milk to enable him to grow to three times his birth weight in one year – is the best.


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