Guest Post! “Dispatches From The Wife”

I have a very special update today – the first guest post to Mamahood.  With Opinions!  This post is from The Wife – that is, MY wife.  TW, as I shall refer to her, was the first reader of this blog and continues to be my most loyal reader.  It’s become kind of a thing between us – I don’t tell her when I’m going to make a new post and she reads it and lets me know what she thinks.  So she took it upon herself to write a guest post and submit it to me in hopes of publication.  And, indeed, it was accepted!  Here it is — she comments on our shared maternity leave, a topic I still plan to elaborate on in a future post.  In the meantime, here is the first post in what I suspect will become a semi-regular column I hereby call “Dispatches From The Wife.”


Hi. This is the wife. I am now into the second week of a 3 week stint at being a solo stay at home parent with baby O.  Some observations:

1) So, so glad that we decided to do our parental leaves together (and didn’t stagger them).  What an amazing and awe-inspiring experience to share the first 4 months of O’s life with his other mom, not to mention so FUN!  This would be my number one recommendation to new parents – take as much time TOGETHER as you can (I know this is nearly impossible for most parents in the U.S.  But even if it is 2 weeks – do it together, but please try to get more than 2 weeks – I am talking mostly to you dads out there).

2) Doing this by myself is a lot harder than when it was the two of us (duh!). I knew this intellectually but now I feel it and can see what it must be like for most new moms who are solo from day one (before they even know their kid).

3) Getting this time alone with him – to bond with him in new ways (particularly as the non-bio, non-breastfeeding mom) is amazing!  I wouldn’t trade a second of it for anything! (by the way, it is really critical to introduce a bottle at least once a day during breastfeeding if you want to ensure that your kid will take a bottle when, um, that’s all you got!).

4) Yes, her return to work was a jolt for all of us. I am certain my return will be another jolt.

5) Sock coordination is key – this is true in and of itself (I get it) but also because O’s other mom (the opinionated one) has very strong opinions about what socks he is wearing.  I try my best!

PHOTO: The Wife and Baby O


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