Interesting Things – working stiff edition

Now that I’m a working stiff again (le sigh..) I wondered whether I’d have more to say or less come my Friday round-up.  Turns out more!  I’m not sure why exactly — unfettered access to the internet?  More engagement with the outside, non-baby O world?  Either way, there was plenty to interest me this week and I hope you too.

Childcare is an issue for working artists too.

I have a few more months to get ready to make Baby O’s lunches this cool.

I am attempting to heed these guidelines for digital hygiene in my return to work – results tbd!

I hope Baby O will have the experience of being a waiter one day.

Strong is the new pretty!

Sesame Street gets a remodel.  In other news, Sesame Street is going strong at age 46!

When an anti-vaccine mom discovers why we get vaccines…

Daily dose of inspiration to never give up on learning and pursuing your goals.

YES!  “Our movements cannot be truly anti-oppressive because it is not, in fact, possible to tease apart the oppressions that people are experiencing.”


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