Milk Thyself!

I am over half-way through my first week back at work and so far all three of us – me, the wife and baby O – are surviving, with just a few (or more) complaints along the way (most coming from Baby O).  I am also managing some of the learning curves of working parenthood, including pumping at the office.  I’ll have more (much more, I’m sure) to say on this topic later but for now I’ll just note that the whole project of milking oneself like a cow in the middle of the work day, navigating breast milk, work clothes and office kitchenettes is maybe even more bizarre and surreal as I imagined.  And yet of course it’s very normal.

Here is a great project showing the places women pump at work.  Thanks to Obamacare, breast pumps are covered – but the spaces where we pump vary dramatically.  Clearly, this whole enterprise could be more weird — I’m lucky to have a room with a fridge, an outlet and door that locks!  I could be milking in a computer network room.

See the KUOW story on work place lactation rooms in Seattle and beyond.


(The designated room for pumping at KUOW.   KUOW PHOTO/BOND HUBERMAN)


2 thoughts on “Milk Thyself!

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