Breasts vs. Balls

…or when breastfeeding and baseball collide.

Apparently controversy has struck the Nationals stadium for their breastfeeding site – and they are reexamining the location as a result.

My question is this: is it not allowed to breastfeed in the regular seats?  I can imagine quarters might be cramped and it wouldn’t be ideal unless you have other friends or family with you whose seat space you can encroach upon.

Baseball is not really my thing, but it is most definitely my wife’s thing.  She grew up checking the newspaper for the Yankee’s standings each morning.  But I am way into beer and hot dogs in the middle of the day – and have become enthusiastic about the whole theater of the baseball game.  And we are both very excited about bringing Baby O to his first game – and many thereafter – and even excited about raising a Nationals fan despite the fact that the wife was raised in stalwart Yankees territory and I come from a mixed breed of Yankees, Mets and Red Sox fans.

In our excitement over baseball games, it never occurred to me that I couldn’t nurse Baby O in the stands if that’s what was necessary – though I’d probably prefer to bring a bottle for ease.

It leaves one to wonder, if Baseball is as American as Apple Pie, as the saying goes, what does that make breastfeeding?


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