Interesting Things – end of leave edition

Today is my last official day of leave.  Just typing that is sending a jolt down my back disrupting my current state of denial.  Today is also a legit beautiful Spring day.  So with a deep breath, I’m going to dive back into denial to enjoy my day, my weekend, and take in the fascinating, some awesome, some sad, and random goings on in the world.

File under why parental leave is essential.

Scientology is my favorite reality television.

Love Chris Rock.

Some additions to my movie list – hopefully several of these will be released on demand.

On why the NYT new Men’s Style section is good for women.

Once Baby O is old enough for screen time, I’m planning my next several vacations around this list.

This woman shows the truth.  Essential comedy/validatio for new parents – especially those breastfeeding.


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