Interesting Things – Sunday Edition

We’ve had a lot of family visiting – a lot.  Like 12 people over last weekend and a new set this weekend (and several in between).  Consequently, we’re having a ton of fun but pretty exhausted and writing has fallen by the wayside for me.  So because one lesson I’ve learned in parenting is that routines make everyone happier, I’m holding as closely to the routine I’ve set by still posting my weekly Interesting Things – this time as a special Sunday edition!

5 years of Obamacare!

Organization inspiration from tiny houses.

This typewriter offers distraction free writing.  I’m intrigued….

Which city has the most unpredictable weather?  A guide of where not to live for me.

I love cooking and I love infographics – thus I heart this.

You have to think this is enough to enact stronger gun safety laws…

And last but not least..

whoa boy… really wishing Jon Stewart was staying on longer to get us through this fiasco.


One thought on “Interesting Things – Sunday Edition

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