Interesting Things – Friday the 13th edition

When sick, what better thing is there to do besides watch movies?  As I lay in a faint and fuzzy state unable to lift my head this week, one director seemed to perfectly capture my mental space: David Lynch.  So for this Friday the 13th edition of Interesting Things, my first item is:

What is going on in Mulholland Drive anyway?

One of the best essays (from the writer behind Raising Dystonia) I’ve read in in the last couple months illustrates beautifully why judging one another’s parenting is so toxic.  (Side note: is there a word for this mutual parental judgment?  There should be.)

This article about wastelessness in the kitchen is inspiring on one level but also raises questions for me about how the ideals of a zero waste kitchen could ever work for folks who don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen everyday or orient their lives around slow food.

Why there are only 28 days in February.

On why the word expats is so problematic.

This elementary school is abolishing homework.  Amen.

I’ll never book a flight without consulting this again.

Effort to authorize prevention and care for human trafficking victims gets slapped with anti-abortion restrictions.  Shameful.


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