Snow Day.

Over ten years ago, I made a pledge to myself that I would never fail to appreciate a snow day (or any other irregular day off from school/work/etc).  The moment you get disappointed that you can’t go to work is the moment you’ve become jaded.  These long, climate changed winters have challenged that pledge.  Even more so has technology and the work-no-matter-what mantra that bleeds into these freebie days (free no more).  And now, being on maternity leave, the very notion of a snow day is kind of nonexistent (it’s just a day with more snow and less activity options).  Yet, as snow blanketed the day, I was still excited to snuggle up with the baby in bed a little later, be a little lazier, and feel a collective sense of hunkering down across the city.

The day after snow days however – no magic nor pledge there.  Come tomorrow, I’m over it.




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