The First Post.

“I just think you have a lot to say.”  This is from the wife who has encouraged me to start this blog.  She’s said this more than once, each time with a different inflection, a varied level of sincerity or sarcasm depending on how unrelenting and long-winded my recent rant.  And she’s right.  In college, my friends used to describe me as someone who has theories for everything.  All I know is I sometimes feel like I am overflowing inside without enough of an outlet (though the wife is a great one) and that sometimes those flowing thoughts might add value to one or another topic of interest to other people.

So a blog.

We started talking about what type of blog this could be – how it would be important to have a niche focus.  Movie reviews for instance.  The wife could contribute.  As avid movie-goers, we see tons of films and have strong takes on them.  But as new parents – that movie going will certainly need to slow down, which could pose a challenge for the blogging on that topic alone.

So parenting.  LOTS to say there.  Wow is this experience mind-boggling, awe-some, and makes you feel so humbled and interconnected to humanity at the same time you think you’re doing the most special and unique thing ever because no one else in the history of human kind has ever raised this kid.  But I love and respect this kid so much that I don’t want to violate his privacy (before he even knows he has it) by plastering his stories on the internet.  So a blog about parenting alone would be hard.  Yet still, I have a lot to say about my experience and my thoughts on most other topics these days are informed by being a new parent.

And politics.  Enough people talk about this subject that it probably needs no more airspace.  But I have a thing or two to say about decisions that get made – the processes by which they are made – and the impact they have.  And as a progressive who grasps at an ideal that often feels far away while also a pragmatist who sees the possible as not necessarily a point of compromise (though often it is), but a commitment to realizing the ideal as best as can be done – the intersection of these experiences paired with a curiosity of tangible human and political motivation and an up close view of the political process seem to offer plenty of fodder for this lady’s opinions.

And then there are the theories and other assorted topics.  Quality control of olive oil, work-life balance, the best ways to make great food without gluten or dairy, navigating new sources of music, looking at history in light of today, and beyond – again, this lady has a lot to say.

So, after brainstorming topics and discussing with the wife, it seemed it was hard for me to be focused.  Typical.

Here is where I’ve landed – or rather, started.  I’m a progressive, politically engaged movie lover and avid DC resident and NY-er at heart.  And now I’m also a mom.  And the balance of those perspectives – rediscovering and navigating these spheres of politics, culture and urban life through the lens and experience of new mamahood is the story I’ll be telling here.


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